Much of the journalism in Citizen Matters is supported by the non-profit Oorvani Foundation that raises reader funding to support the cost. However there are other costs like server and operations cost that need to be covered too; so in addition to welcome support from foundations, we accept advertising and promotional features.

We expect advertisers to follow the Advertising Standards Council policy. We try to have an open approach with advertisers, and ensure all sponsored content is clearly marked as such. Our discerning readers understand sponsored content is not the opinion of Oorvani Media or Oorvani Foundation.

Oorvani Media reserves the right to decline sponsorship offers at its discretion. It reserves the right to negotiate with the sponsor any aspect of a proposed sponsorship.

Branded Content/Advertiser Feature:

Content is provided by customer and will be disclosed. It should provide knowledge and value to the reader. E.g “5 ways to decorate your home within 1000 Rs.”

Advertisers can send writeup for articles (with pictures) that provide useful information on a particular topic, relevant to urban citizens. While it is not meant for direct sales and cannot be brand centric, advertisers can mention their product or service and explain how it relates to the topic. 

Note: Articles are NOT reviewed, edited or copy edited by the publisher. Such content will be clearly labeled as Branded Feature on the top of the article and displayed in a distinct manner.  

Terms and conditions

  • The publisher does not endorse, directly or by implication, any products, services, or ideas promoted by the sponsoring organisation.
  • Sponsored content on the website or social media will be clearly labeled and distinctly designed (font/colour different from editorial content).
  • We try to ensure that readers understand the source, sponsor, and intent of the content.
  • Reserve the right to approve content to guide against conflicts of interest or potentially harmful alliances.
  • No member of the Oorvani Foundation editorial staff will be involved in the research, writing, or production of custom publishing content. This policy applies equally to custom publishing content in print, in digital, research and events.

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